Hey there, fellow maniac! Time for yet another review.

A little background story: I came across this book in a very strange way. I was planning to buy books on Amazon. You know what happens, right? You search for a particular thing and boom! There are advertisements relevant to it on every page you visit.

I found ‘I am watching you’ by Teresa Driscoll this way. The title intrigued me to see who is watching me. Not exactly, but yea. You get the point, don’t you?

Question: Do you believe that even the small things that you take for granted have great impact, if not immediately, at least over time? Let’s pin this for later. Comment below!

The story begins with Ella Longfield (the “witness”), a regular passenger in a train, overhearing the conversation of two young and attractive girls rounded up by two young men. It is clear from the conversation that the men were trying to flirt with the girls. The conversations elevate to a point, wherein the maternal instincts of Ella get triggered, and an unknown fear and vibe hits her. She now thinks that the men, who have just come out of prison, aren’t the safest people for the girls to be around.

Although in dilemma, Ella pushes the thought away and remains silent. However, the next day, the news on the TV leaves her totally dazed, where she finds that one of the girls, Anna, was missing. Guilt almost eats Ella up.

The story transitions to a year after the happening. As the story proceeds, it becomes evident everybody is holding many secrets, specially Sarah, the girl who was in the train with Anna. Sarah, the “friend”, doesn’t actually tell what went down the night Anna went missing.

Ella keeps getting threatening letters from an unknown someone. What does this mystery man/women have to do with Anna’s disappearance?  Is the sender of the letters the person who kidnapped Anna? Does Anna come back alive? Find the answers in the book!

Highlights of the book:

I am a sucker for psychological thrillers. This book didn’t disappoint me much. The book lacked the adrenaline rush that we all expect while reading, but it still had its own high points.

The characters could have been developed a bit more. The plot was pretty fast paced, with few unnecessary details here and there.

One question will certainly make you reach the end- will Anna return or not?

The ending was a slight cliff-hanger, and a bit too unexpected. The motive was, to put in words, a little lame.

Quote I liked:

“Guilt, we all learn, has its own rules.”


This one feeling, i.e the feeling of guilt spoils days of peace and sleep. A drop of poison in the well. It comes on its own, and doesn’t leave that easily. It plays its game, leaves us distraught, teaching lessons for a lifetime.

Character I liked:

The Characters didn’t have a strong build. However, the character of Sarah’s sister caught my eye. She was a strong survivor of all the gruesome things that have happened to her in the past. Brave girl alert! She now lives her own life among other people just like her. She doesn’t hesitate to help Sarah despite being away from her for long. The bond is beautiful. She also advices Sarah to tell the others the truth and that did bring a lot of connections in the storyline.

Overall: A mind calmer. Can be read when you don’t want complex stories with complex things to understand. Very helpful in lightening up the mind.

Next reviews coming soon!


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