Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hello there, fellow maniac! 

Welcome to the first book in the “Dan Brown Marathon” series!

I have read almost every book of Dan Brown’s. Well, I wouldn’t lie saying I read them because I found them exceptionally interesting. It’s just hard to explain why, but the length of his books never stopped me from reading them.

One of ‘em is “Angels and Demons”. It’s been more than 6 years since I read this mystery-thriller and I still have the story fresh in my mind!

The story begins with our protagonist, Robert Langdon, a symbologist at Harvard University being contacted by Maximillian Kohler, the director of CERN. Kohler finds one of CERN’s top physicists, Leonardo Vetra, was brutally murdered, with no other clue except for the ambigram representing an anti-religious organization, the “illuminati”.

Uh-oh. The “I” word, huh?

Things don’t end with just ‘murder the person and flee’. Apparently, it is revealed by Vittoria, the adopted daughter of the victim, that the anti-religious organization might have stolen a canister containing antimatter, a substance destructive enough to rip a place, way beyond what a nuclear weapon could do.

Langdon makes his own interpretations about how this can’t be something the “I” gang would do. Mainly because they don’t exist anymore, and also because it was against their own beliefs of science. The Swiss Guard discover that the canister is located somewhere in Vatican City, with a security camera in front of it, with a digital clock counting down to an explosion timed to occur at midnight, which will wipe out the Vatican.

Langdon and Vittoria head to Vatican City. Yay, vacay time! Not really though. Langdon and Vittoria face an ordeal of challenges in the Vatican, following the “Path of Illumination”. With many characters adding on to the story, the main question remains the same- will they be able to get a hold of the canister before it is too late?

Not spoiling the story any further, let me tell you, there’s another mystery to be solved too. Read to find what that is!

Highlights of the book:

The book is quite lengthy. But I assure you, it is worth a read. Just like the title, the story is a constant loop of contrasting concepts- faith and hesitation, good and bad, science and god, sinister and the sane.

Also, the story is pretty fast paced. All the events in this story occur in a single day!

Not to forget, the adrenaline rush that I felt during every action was real.

However, the rules and beliefs of the Catholics was very far-fetched from the reality, giving rise to many controversies. The story, overall, felt far-fetched from reality to me. Also, the cheesy, cliché-ish romance bits, and the boring long details of the dark matter stuff was a huge turn off.

Quote that I liked:

“Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.”


It’s all what we feel. Being humans, our heart just can’t stop feeling stuff, wishing for stuff. The games that our heart and mind play with one another builds and breaks us in unimaginable ways. That doesn’t stop us in any way, does it?

Let me warn you- DO NOT watch the movie. Not before reading, not after. Because either way, you are going to end disappointed.

Favourite character:

I would go with Vittoria Vetra. She is a confident and fierce. Nothing stops her from finding the people behind everything that happened. She just goes around along with Robert like a lady boss, with all that character.   

Overall opinion: It is worth a read. A real page turner with all the thrills. I give it a 4.



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