Hey there, maniacs!

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. Let’s do it, shall we? Okayyyyy!

I read “Before I Go to Sleep” by SJ Watson few months back. I seriously don’t know what is this obsession I have with reading debut novels of authors. I mean, most of the books I read are their first! Coincidence? I don’t know!

What is something that distinguishes reality from illusion? Yes! Memories. Yesterday’s happiness or sorrow is just a memory today, but it is an imperative remainder of what had happened.

Now, what would happen If you just can’t have memories? You try to recollect something, but you just go blank. Does this scare you?

Genre: Psychological thriller

In “Before I Go to Sleep”, our protagonist, Christine Lucas (let’s call her Chrissie), survives a car crash and ends up with anterograde amnesia, a condition where the events before the accident are intact but new memories can’t be made. Due to this, she can hold only 24 hours of memories in her head.

She sleeps, does stuff during the day, goes to bed at night and poof! She wakes up with no memory of what she did the previous day. In the opening of the story, she wakes up in a place she believes she’s never been at before, looks at the mirror and sees the reflection of her middle-aged self. She has no memory to an extent where she doesn’t even remember whether the man, she’s living with is her husband (Ben)! It’s almost like getting formatted every day.

Between constant forgetting and remembering what is happening in her life, Chrissie is encouraged to maintain a journal by Dr. Nash, a doctor who has a keen interest on Chrissie’s case and secretly helps her without Ben knowing.  Chrissie learns a lot of things about herself, few of which she writes in her journal and reads them later.

As the story unfolds, it is pretty clear that Chrissie has a lot more to learn. However, her husband, Ben, just shuts her from the truth. Everything is concealed. Is Ben trying to be his saviour self, trying to help Chrissie move on, or is he being a manipulative maniac, keeping her away from the details of her past and making her whole life a big, fat question mark?

The story is about how Chrissie gets to know small truths about her life, and goes on to find the truth about herself, all of this “before she goes to sleep”.

Highlights of the book:

The book was a good attempt. The storyline was good, writing could have been better. The plight of Chrissie is not very relatable, yet makes the readers yearn for her. Ben’s character is quite instrumental. Not just in Chrissie’s life, but even in our life, we come across people who are very manipulative, and feed our minds with unreal thoughts. The characters were limited, because of which there was no character I could relate to, unfortunately.

Quote I liked:

“This is dying every day. Over and over.”


This almost summarised the entire book in one line!

Overall opinion– I would give it a 3.9 or 4/5. A psychological thriller worth a read. Don’t expect things like plot twists, because the book has a flow and is where it is heading is quite obvious.


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